The blog for the tables guests.

Every one has a personality, sure sometimes you wonder where, but they do. The same boxes apply to everyone and it’s a matter of which ones you tick and how much of one you have. Obviously we are all different in ways because no two people have the same dna or the same social and environmental factors, when witnessing the same situation there will be a difference of perception for this reason.
Personality disorder kicks in when you have too much or too little in a box. Not everyone has it pouring over the sides or finds it makes life horrifically challenging, nor does everyone have so many levels concluding they live with five over lapping disorders.
This means that everyone can relate to someone with mental health, because they too have some traits similar. It also means everyone is susceptible and judgement should never be passed. Relating does not mean you too suffer eg: you may like order and cleanliness so therfore understand the mindset of the person not sleeping because they need to eradicate every germ from their bathroom and will not stop until their hands bleed. If your hands aren’t bleeding and your mind is not taunting you with the fact someone may die if you don’t, then you cannot be the same.
This blog I hope is something everyone can relate to. The “normal” will laugh and pull faces and the ” batshit” will probably laugh harder, get the hidden bits more and possibly pull more faces as a result. Ultimately we can all sit at the tea party in wonderland but we cannot all sit in the hatters chair.


One thought on “The blog for the tables guests.

  1. A creative outlet would be good. I consider these to be the lucky ones. The desire to communicate and hide gets met by a gift. I for one am envious of this.


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